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SUPER-NATURAL development

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Elementals is our next development season, however it is not for everyone. IT MUST BE A LIFESTYLE. This is not something you may go and study. This is a gateway that I am opening to guide depth, in which I will hold the door open to teach and nourish what arrives as we are learning elementals. This is the learning of kinesis development, clairvoyancy, mediumship within the forms of elementals. This work involves plant communication and clearing of land and nature. This work may sound and feel fulfilling but this really is a call for those that understand...It is an incredibly powerful tool that DEMANDS that it is lived. Once you come off this path, it is hard to go back to sleeping in the waking world. We begin on March 30th - May 4th. Every Thursday at 6pm NZT Each session will begin with an ACTIVATION for 45mins prior to engaging in the practical work with Elementals and energetic development. You will be sent a development script to submit weekly to the Raah Medicinals Elementals FB group along with your weekly lives of how you are progressing and discovering. Please be aware of the requirements. - You must engage in a physical form of movement in your day to day. Both high intensity and gentle. - You must engage in a nutritionally cleansing system (ask if you need support) - You must not engage in sexual intimacy from the day of the session and for three days afterwards - No Alcohol or Marijuana to be taken - You must engage in fasting with particular sessions (you will be made aware of these days prior to sessions.) - Daily practice 10 hours a week of self devised practice. These must be logged within the group to maintain consistency. - Regular activation participation in the morning at your own expense prior to activation in the practicum. This must be logged in your development script weekly - You must source your own crystals. Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Shungite, Pyrite and Citrine for use of the work. You will be using, WOOD, FIRE, WATER, NATURE, PLANTS, MANIFESTATION Most of all this work DEMANDS your CONSISTENCY ATTENDANCE As this work is incredibly sacred we will not be posting the lives to the platform but will be on the website in the ELEMENTALS section straight after the session. All rights of the class content are copyrighted and owned by Tūrongo Collective ltd. On occasion a snippet of the session may be shared. Simply let us know should you wish to remain anonymous.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation bookings must be made a minimum of 4 hours prior to session to allow possible rescheduling for clients on our waiting list

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