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Available Online

Emotional Trauma Release ETR

Online or in person

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 200 New Zealand dollars
  • Online or in person (depending on time and health)

Service Description

If you are looking for engaging in getting rid of the gunk from the past then we are ready to begin. This is a must for all clients engaging with us. This is for all people truthfully. If you have a hue-man body than this work is part of your life. The hue - man body means a body in light manifest. Therefore all energy in the body is light. Light can either assist us or continue shining or dimming down the same way. An emotional trauma release session consists of clearing energetic frequencies that are no longer required within the body. They are also frequencies that are playing the same tone or note within the body that may be holding the body in an energy of the past replaying the same stories, experiences within ones life. When one is clearing within the body be prepared for feeling the body tingling, shivering, shaking and on occasion vomitting and purging as the energies of much older times can cause the body to expel deeply. It is a rarity but is common for some. It is quite normal. The session can take you into your childhood either consciously if you wish it or you may ask the medicine being to reframe from sharing the details of such experiences. We reframe from sharing the details of what occurred for elderly and children and simply release the frequency and chemical from recreating itself within the body This session can be done online or in person, please let us know if it is in person and we will send you our details. What is required of you is a readiness to begin. That the pathway changes NOW!!!! The world you have created for yourself may either contribute to releasing or deter you from growth. Take a few days before the session to examine your health, your mental, emotional and physical health. Fast and then cleanse before engaging in the work. Please let us know if you are on any medication also as this will shift the entire session. We advise that if you are serious about healing your body physically then look towards on of our packages. Once you have purchased your package with your same log in details, go to book your ETR session and commence with pay with pricing plan which will automatically discount your session down to the prices below. Single Session - $200 Bronze Sessions - $450 for three sessions - $150 per session Silver Sessions - $560 for four sessions - $140 per session Gold Sessions - $650 for five sessions - $130 per session All Body remedy sessions are in person ONLY

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation bookings must be made a minimum of 4 hours prior to session to allow possible rescheduling for clients on our waiting list

Contact Details

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