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Matriarchal Remedies

Medicinals for the body topically and internally CLIENTS ONLY

  • 45 minutes
  • 111 New Zealand dollars

Service Description

Matriarchal remedies began in 2012. The remedies are herbal, natural and homeopathic driven. They are a response that occurred out of an allergic reaction I received to western main stream medicine as a child and therefore was shown & taught original medicine remedies by my father, one of the head physicians/engineers within PHARMCARE. In 2016 I was encouraged spiritually to discontinue sharing the medicines with people publicly due to the abuse of the plants and the abuse within the hue-man body. In the year 2020 I was encouraged to slowly bring the medicines back but there was a waiting period. Harvest, practice and guide and prepare to bring them through we will let you know when. November 2022 I was encouraged to launch it again for my clients on January 28th which will be when I will begin sharing and guiding the medicines again until I am told to silence their medicine voice and wait again. Sometimes our medicines must go into hiding to protect and nourish its depth. Results vary and it is best described by Millys clients who have reported "I felt an extreme sense of relaxation and ease after the anointing oil was placed on my head and neck" "My womb cleansed immediately and I started releasing clots and tissue but I did not have my period" "After my session, having the tonic my liver started releasing stones" "The salve completely cleared my sons rash which he has had constantly for months. I found the session with the use of the remedy has completely sped up the process" The Matriarchal remedies are ONLY FOR CLIENTS IN NZ. A remedy consists of three blends based on what you need to cleanse and support that has come out of your session. Eg: Liver Cleanse, Kidney Flush, Siren Oil You will receive three remedies representative of mind body and soul with full explanation of 'how to, what to, where to' will be shared with you. Should you request a Matriarchal Remedy you can simply request this and let us know directly and we will add this to your session. The remedies may take 2-3 weeks depending on how potent they may need to be for you or immediately. It will be based on your recent session You cannot request to purchase these unless you have had an ETR session or MEDICINAL as it is SPECIFIC TO EACH INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY or ANIMAL and should not be used by others this has not been made for

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation bookings must be made a minimum of 4 hours prior to session to allow possible rescheduling for clients on our waiting list

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