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Consuming Worry

Some of the most difficult encounters we can face is facing the voice of the nothingness of self we've agreed to creating. The voice that requires consumerism to help tame the sense of self worth and value. The voice that we have given our power over in order to feel and search for validation. But of what? and what for?

For simply a like, a follow, a look, how many views? we are consumed by being consumed by others and yet deny the love of self? I worry for the children of the future that feel that this is a need a desire they also look for. A desire to be centre, to be the main focus, to be seen and heard but through a screen and less with their physical eyes. Through a post and less through how much they truly connect with a person. Watching someones life story but not watching their own story.

I worry for our children future and the future of our planet if this is the narrative that the majority have.

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