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Energy Healing

If you are here for healing work than you have already begun. You may not know what to pick.

Put simply all first time clients must have an ETR session. This work is extensive and revealing in what your body needs.  The work can extend from healing body injuries, trauma, inherited trauma, childhood trauma, and then extend into past life regression therapy, physical therapy and mediumship work. It is dependant on your available TRUTH.


There are pricing plans available and package plans which make your sessions discounted. Please read before you engage. It is life changing work. 

Respect that the work is extensive. There are many myriads of people. Please make it your responsibility to read up on the sessions and testimonials. 

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An important message



We encourage you to read the session details, requirements and options below. We regularly have people from all over the world in different time zones and different requirements. Please be sure to read the session details and the testimonials so you can better gage the work you are inquiring about. 

Everyones experiences are different, respect that you may not heal as fast as others you have read or connected to. You  cannot have a MEDICINAL session if you haven't had an ETR. These are safety protocols within the frame works, it is just how we work. 

Please respect that your body will be at whatever stage it needs to be at when we engage in the work together.



You have an immense part to play in your healing craft. This is not just "I can go and they'll fix it all". No healing work fully works in this way if the individual themselves, are physically unhealthy, nutritionally deficient, remaining within the environment harming their health. You must make conscious choices to get the best out of your sessions. You are making an investment towards a version of yourself that you are capable of shifting towards.

MEET US HALFWAY and we can engage with the readiness of a body mind and soul ready to let go, release and re-empower. 


What is RAAH medicinals Essential Native Medicine
Ritu Alkemi Anima Healing

One of our many branches within the work delivered by the couple is Raah Medicinals Essential Native Medicine created by Milly Grant-Koria. The medicine being the way of living and giving.

The process of rituals for healing. Ritu or Rtu reflects to be inside of practices for the benefit of growing releasing or embracing an aspect of the self the process of in hale - It is the beginning. 

Alkemi. Al reflecting divine, god, source energy and Kemi, the chemical frictions, chemical difficulty or better a form of chaos. In short a divine or spiritually guided laboratory. 

Anima. Breathe the exhale. When you have fortifed yourself through a process of deep friction, difficulty and made it through. In essence you become a type of richness for yourself. Golden. 

Countless Global Testimonials

I had the honour of having Milly guide our group healing online. There were between 100-300 of us participating...on the 3 occasions we had sessions with her..we ALL WERE IN TEARS at the power of her skill and her voice...She is a living is an honour to have met you and been guided through to you , Thank you Veesh Patuwai and Mad Ave for bringing in such a taonga.

Caroline Kapi - Australia

15 years of work experience with over 10,000 clients world wide 
India, Belgium, Romania, London, France, Alaska,
California, Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, Scotland, Nova Scotia, 
Canada, Northern Isles, North Dakota, New Zealand

Milly Grant-Koria

RITU - Source work

Herbalist | Medicine Woman | Holistic Therapist | Emotional Trauma Practitioner | Sound Alchemist | Healer

Indigenous animator | Channelor | Hollow Thread Worker

ALKEMI - Provoking Work  

Vocal Coach | Singer | Dancer | Performer | Indigenous Speaker | Activator 

ANIMA - Human work

Youth Justice Mentor | Director | Health and Wellness Coach | Mental Health Support aid | Business Woman 

I am a woman of strong masculintiy and strong femininity but engage in either forms based on trust, honesty, respect and sacred boundaries and understanding. I am a woman in response to my environment I enter;  I either RECEIVE, REFLECT or RESPOND to 


I can be direct, but calm, fierce and soft, loud and then gentle...what you receive is my being in response.. 

I have multiple ethnicities within me, I acknowledge I am not one but all of them which is what keeps me free from the petty colonial descriptions of identity 

Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Aunty, Friend

I've worked in the performance industry for quite some time, representing Aotearoa as a cultural ambassador for the NZ Government, to then touring around the world in Theatre shows, to then working in youth prisons to elderly homes, to youth justice mentoring to mental health coaching, to deep tissue healing to mediumship, to performance and then to mothering, to cultivating plants and herbs. My medicine is RESPONSE-ABILITY. 

I've been a medicine woman for the past 14 years now.  In these last 14 years I have accumulated a large client base that is a global base. From Argentina, Mexico, France, London, Australia, Hawaii, Alaska, Sweden and many more. My work is vast and based on where you are at in your life I will respond to what the requirement is that you present me with.

For the last 3 years I have run online courses and workshops for mediumship, spiritual training, healing practices and more. These were in response to the pandemic and the need for healing and mediumship development.

They are not yearly, monthly but are initiated by my guides when the time calls for it. 

In the last 3 years I have worked on thousands of adults, children, families and animals online, long distantly, over the phone and in person. 

Should you choose to book in your session will be based on where you are at in your life and what your body is ready to receive. 

If you are unsure what you are looking for I encourage that you read the testimonials for you to gage what resonates with you. The testimonials allow me to not have to talk about myself and what I do. Rather you hear the individuals/families results and experiences. 

I am eternally grateful for what you have ignited in my sister. Since working with you Milly you have changed her life and now she is on her path. She wouldn't be here without the work you have done with her. I am so humbled and grateful for you

Riva Waila - Canada

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